I am Eric Carl, currently employed at the Gnomon School of Visual Effects in Los Angeles as a web designer and instructor.

On this blog I will reveal all that I know and love about art, design and the creative process.

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Worship Poster

A poster portraying the entrance of a fancy modern man into an untamed world. He’s proven his godliness with his modern metal weapons!

Visit the image on my Flickr account for larger views.

I actually started this piece about 7-8 months ago, but took an extended hiatus from it. I managed to force myself to finish it so I didn’t feel guilty starting even more projects before my old ones were done, which happens way too often. So now I can finally continue on something new, and I’m really excited about it. Hooray!

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Draw! Desktops

Do people call these things desktops or wallpapers? I’ve always preferred the term “desktop” for some reason, not sure why. Regardless, this was a badge design I did a while ago, but I thought it deserved some cleaning up and alternative treatments.

Hit up the Flickr links for 1920×1200 sizes.

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Doodles for March 20 – Fish Scraper


Assembled from loose pieces of paper laying around my desk. Click it to big it.

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Doodles for October 16 – Directed-Energy Weapon

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ScribbleCasts #1 and #2



I don’t really consider these to be as interesting as the first one, but I have learned a bit just from doing these three. It’s actually a bit of a challenge because I can’t allow myself to sit and think about what I’m doing, I just have to go go go!

Let me know if the videos are totally bogging this page down. I may need to find a better way to embed them.


ScribbleCast #3


Numbers 2 and 1 exist but I’ve been having trouble figuring out how to get my QuickTime movies browser-friendly. If I can get those fixed up, I’ll post them later. Otherwise, here’s this one. I hope it doesn’t destroy your computer machine. My plan is to try and do at least one of these a week.


Doodles for Sept 25 – Reach Down My Throat You Filthy Bird!

Doodles on Veer catalogs, a short-term cure for intolerable time.


Doodles for August 6 – The Highest Rung Will Never Surrender!

I enjoyed an interesting session of eavesdropping today that included bulging discs, deer slaughtering and teenage girls not being allowed on the internet.


Doodles for August 3 – Chaos, Panic, No Resistance


I exited the shower and felt compelled to scribble in Manga Studio. I’m still wearing my towel! If I do any real drawing anytime soon, I promise to post it and stop this frivolous and silly behavior!


Doodles for May 29 – The Siren Song of Unreason

Good evening my friends. You must forgive me for my lack of attention to the blog machine as of late, for I have been negligent. But enough!

I’ve been doing more gesture drawings lately. It is challenging and new. Sure, for beautiful final products we can spend as much time as we want. But life doesn’t stand still, which makes it that much harder to capture. To do it well requires a well-trained eye and mind, so I’ve been attempting to train my own.

Of course I have the luxury of hiding the poorer ones from you. Here’s a horrible one to balance it all out.

Mm hmm. I’ll say though, the pool is a good place for such exercises. If you can avoid getting burnt, which I failed to do.

I’ll exit with a relapse.