I am Eric Carl, currently employed at the Gnomon School of Visual Effects in Los Angeles as a web designer and instructor.

On this blog I will reveal all that I know and love about art, design and the creative process.

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I now have a new portfolio site at computerpictur.es, replacing a considerable amount of old work at sans-concept.com. I’ll be leaving the blog here without future updates while I focus on some new projects. Speaking of which, there are a few new pieces up at computerpictur.es including some music related iPad work and some poster prints (pictured above).

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Sketch Theatre

Sketch Theatre is a fancy website where you can watch a variety of talented artists draw super cool pictures!

I had the pleasure of helping do a complete redesign of the site, which just went live today. In a mad rush to get it finished for Comic-Con (visit Sketch Theatre at Booth #5363!) we managed to finish the whole thing in about 2 and a half weeks. Building on top of the existing On Demand WordPress theme (from Press75) sped things up significantly. It’s still a little rough around the edges in some regards, but we’ll continue to tighten it up over time.

Make sure you check out a few of my favorite sketches by Kali Fontecchio, Axel 13, and David Levy.



I finally buckled down and forced myself to finish some new art. This piece was really meant to be a quick compositional exercise that I could knock out in an evening but it ended up taking a bit longer. It’s mainly composed of scans from my vintage Omni magazines that I’ve combined to assemble an other-worldly pseudo-electronic landscape.

My main challenge was finding the right arrangement for the colored dot patterns at the bottom. I had done a rough sketch to plan out the major patches of elements but in the end I could have planned it out better. Most of the process just involved experimenting with different patterns and locations, then sticking with what felt right intuitively.

Overall a fun piece to work on that gave me some ideas to integrate into future work.


Sans-Concept.com Redesign

I recently did a complete redesign of Sans-Concept.com and added some new work. Big thanks to my buddy Adam Kizer for implementing all the JQuery! The redesign has also been ported over to the blog here. I’m pretty happy with the turnout and am glad to have something new!


Worship Poster

A poster portraying the entrance of a fancy modern man into an untamed world. He’s proven his godliness with his modern metal weapons!

Visit the image on my Flickr account for larger views.

I actually started this piece about 7-8 months ago, but took an extended hiatus from it. I managed to force myself to finish it so I didn’t feel guilty starting even more projects before my old ones were done, which happens way too often. So now I can finally continue on something new, and I’m really excited about it. Hooray!

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A fun illustration/type experiment. Kind of tired of looking at it now, its time to put this one away! I originally planned to throw it on a shirt, so we’ll see what happens with that.

Hit up Flickr for the high-res version.


Draw! Desktops

Do people call these things desktops or wallpapers? I’ve always preferred the term “desktop” for some reason, not sure why. Regardless, this was a badge design I did a while ago, but I thought it deserved some cleaning up and alternative treatments.

Hit up the Flickr links for 1920×1200 sizes.

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The Blog Gets a Makeover

Yes, the time has come to ditch the old, horrible design and bring something a little more fresh. I mean, it’s orange, like fruit, so that’s great.

The logo was built with the recently released YouWorkForThem typeface Poplock, which I totally love! Hand-set, counterless when desired, and all around super hot. I mean, just look at this Q I’m dying to have a use for.


That is a fine Q. Not to mention that there’s like, one million variations of it in the set.

I’ve also added my Twitter feed to the blog, which I joined just recently. Enjoy that, if that’s your thing. It’s quickly becoming mine.

So yes, new design, I am a fan of you, and I hope you will inspire me to post more. I went rather small with the type on this one, so do comment if you feel it is too small. Regardless, doodles are piling up, and they desire to be posted, as soon as I have an accessible scanner again. Soon!


Leah Schroeder

Photography by Leah Schroeder

My super-cool photographer friend Leah Schroeder now has a portfolio on the internets. Go check it out and tell her how much you love her stuff!

Leah Schroeder

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Sans-Concept.com Redesign and Some New Work

Eric Carl: I Used to Wear False Teeth

So after procrastinating a little too long, I finally have some projects finished up. My personal portfolio, Sans-Concept.com has been re-designed, and I’ve also completed work on my currently non-existent EP. Maybe I can put some music to it some day.

Also on the table is some super-fun stuff that I will be putting up very soon regarding digital scribbles and world-wide computer-god broadcast devices! Stay tuned!