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From Twitter:

Difficult Questions About Videogames

In reference to the question, “What is gameplay?”

“There is no such thing as innovative gameplay, but there is such a thing as gameplay innovatively implemented. What gameplay does is to provide a competent stage for the aesthetic part of the game to shine through, nothing more. In this regard, it holds much the same functional relationship as plot to story.” – Tadhg Kelly

“A successful gameplay system should be transparent to the player, utterly intuitive in every way.” – Jon Harttrup

“Bad gameplay is meaningless choice, good gameplay is meaningful choice.” – Ryan Kelln

“The biggest fulfilments in playing games comes from bursts of creative thought, challenges that require new strategies, and successfuly taking ludicrously slim possiblities.” – David Hayward

From Difficult Questions About Videogames. I managed to snag a free copy of this book almost a year ago, and am digging back into it after discovering it in a pile of moving boxes (is it still easily available? I can’t seem to find any recent information on it). Highly recommended reading for creative nerds. For some reason Amazon.com has a used copy for the paltry sum of $93.08.

Also, writing this post up has introduced me to Tadhg Kelly’s blog, which is so far pretty interesting and worth checking out.



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