I am Eric Carl, currently employed at the Gnomon School of Visual Effects in Los Angeles as a web designer and instructor.

On this blog I will reveal all that I know and love about art, design and the creative process.

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Badgematic Escape

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Badge-a-Maphone Machine

Here’s a fun little badge for a fun little project that I’ll hopefully be able to talk about soon (though I admittedly don’t even know much about it). There’s a few more where this came from, but I felt this was the strongest. So I will refuse to share the rest. Thank you.

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Freeze Etch – Pejorative

Hooray for finally getting this thing finished. I give my congratulations to Duckworth for putting together a really interesting little collection of tracks, which I highly recommend you check out. Local Bloomington folks can pick up a copy this Friday night at Axis of Evil, or you can order it from freezeetch.com.


I Used to Wear False Teeth

Photography by Leah Schroeder.


Industrial Texture Set

So before the weather gets too nice, I figured I’d run out and shoot some texture references. Always a pleasure, considering it gives me a reason to sneak around supposedly sensitive areas. But most of the time I wonder- no trespassing? What are you so paranoid about? May the fruits of my high-risk lifestyle bode useful to you.

64 Images, 277 mb

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Alice Blows Her (Desk)Top


Dedicated readers (ha!) may recognize this image. I just got a completely amazing 12×19 Intuos3 so I’ve been going back and playing with some older stuff. I’ve created a desktop sized version of this image so you can plaster it as your computer’s wallpaper. 1920×1200 only, so if you want a different resolution, just email me.


The Ultimate Test is Controlling Your Gristle

I recently created a t-shirt for Oddica.com, and received it in the mail with a slew of amazing goodies.

Eye Sore for OddicaBoxes of amazing grit

I’ve read that it’s a “love it or hate it” shirt, which works for me. I love Oddica and you should too, go check them out and throw your money at them!