I am Eric Carl, currently employed at the Gnomon School of Visual Effects in Los Angeles as a web designer and instructor.

On this blog I will reveal all that I know and love about art, design and the creative process.

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Monarkh Magazine

The folks at Monarkh Magazine were kind enough to have me as their featured artist this month! There’s a little interview with me on the site. Definitely check out the rest of their site while you’re there and peek at some of the other artists they’ve been showing off. Cool stuff!


Shohei Otomo

Check out the great illustrations of Shohei Otomo. I included the last image specifically because I love seeing illustrations that are so technically well done without the safety net of a computer.

Found via Buamai.

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1000 Vintage Film Posters for Download

Wrong Side of the Art, one of my very most favorite websites (covered earlier here and here), has just uploaded its 1000th vintage film poster. To commemorate this epic event they have packed all the posters on the site into a zip file for download.

Make sure you follow the instructions and download it here.

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Select the Condition of the Body

Two of my favorite images from a recent batch of items uploaded to Flickr. The first one is so amazing I really wish I had come up with it. The text is a pull quote from an article about Japan’s thriving robot research which it appeared in. Reads great out of context.

Like my previous post they’ve been scanned from early issues of Omni magazine and super-large versions are available from my Flickr account.


More Flickr uploads and Pierre Lacombe

Word is I’ve been uploading like mad to my Flickr account. I recently picked up a good 30 issues of Omni Magazine, from its first few years in print. I’ve been going through and have been scanning some of the more interesting images. The two above are by French artist Pierre Lacombe, who unfortunately does not seem to have much of a presence anywhere on the internet.

Scott Hansen of ISO50 also has a post up with some more Omni goodness.

Action on the blog here has been slow lately as I’ve been a bit busy, but I’ll try to keep the good stuff coming! I’ve actually been taking a bit of a vacation from the art and design world in favor of the music world lately, but I think its time to shift back.


Benbo George

I am really enjoying this work by Benbo George.

Via But Does It Float.

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Les Maîtres du temps (aka Time Masters) Flickr Set

I’ve uploaded a set of still frames to my Flickr account from the 1982 French animated film Les Maîtres du temps, also known as Time Masters in the US. I had ran across this DVD in our collection at work and swiped it for a viewing as I wasn’t familiar with it. The film is directed by René Laloux (also responsible for 1973’s Fantastic Planet) with designs by Moebius. While it may not be a shining example of the most fluid or expertly constructed animation, the designs of Moebius and story really draw me to it.

While the DVD version I got a hold of is a 4:3 aspect ratio, there is apparently a remastered wide-screen version available as well. This is something I’ll have to get my hands on, at which point I guess I’ll have to update the Flickr set with wide-screen images!


Fancy Pillows from Arbito

One of my favorite artist dudes Arbito has recently put together a few fancy pillow items! They are highly desirable.

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Heavy Metal on Flickr

I just uploaded a small batch of scans of covers from Heavy Metal magazine to my Flickr account, which I recently grabbed from a used book store in town. I really only grabbed the few they had with the most interesting covers, but I’m left with the desire to explore Ebay a bit and track down some more.

I think the quality of the covers since the magazine’s launch in 1977 has always been a little hit and miss, but there’s no doubt there’s been some good stuff displayed. The issues I grabbed locally certainly aren’t comprehensive so I’m looking forward to getting some more. Being born in 1982, I definitely hit my young teenage years too late to discover something like this at the right time, which is too bad because I’m sure I would have gone crazy for it.

The cover displayed above is from the 1983 April issue, by Chris Achilleos. He was also responsible the poster of the 1981 animated film.

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Kali Fontecchio at Sketch Theatre

I’ve posted about Kali Fonteccio before, and now it is time to do so again! She recently stopped by the Sketch Theatre offices, which are also the Gnomon School and Gnomon Workshop offices where I work, and did a slew of drawings on camera.

You can watch the video of her drawing the piece above at the Sketch Theatre site. Craziness! Also check out her blog for more of her work.